Rug and Carpet Cleaning

As a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) for over 40 years we bring considerable experience and expertise to bear in the care of valuable carpets and rugs, whether wools, Berbers, mixtures or Oriental and Chinese rugs.

Keeping rugs and carpets clean is extremely important in the workplace. Health & safety executives are becoming ever more concerned about indoor air quality and the potential ill effects from bacteria, allergens and chemical pollution and also dust giving rise to ‘sick building syndrome’. Carpets and rugs, like curtains, blinds and voiles, act as ‘filters’ to the air we breathe and should therefore be cleaned regularly to lessen occupational health risks.

Poorly maintained rugs and carpets can adversely affect a company’s image. Looking after your rugs and carpets will make them last longer and avoid premature replacement and therefore the need for expensive capital outlay.

Over and above a regular cleaning maintenance programme we are able to apply specialist treatments which will help further protect them. These odourless fluoropolymer protectors coat and protect fibres against water and oil-based spillages. The exclusive formula contains stain blocker additives that helps the removal of food colourings and dye based stains.

“Just a quick email to say what a fantastic job your man did on cleaning my carpets today. Note to self: seeing the colour of the water after they have been cleaned… I obviously need to have them done more often!” – Jane, Homeowner

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