Free trials from Jet - any service you choose!

Jet Group are so confident you’ll love the result, we are offering free trials on any surface to show the difference pre and post cleaning.

See our Operative Trevor’s photo’s for an example of a recent instruction at a solicitors. You can see the dirt lifted out of the carpet tiles and the ceiling grid too. We recently had an overhaul at Jet HQ and who doesn’t like a fresh and clean environment to boost morale, professionalism and efficiency? Not to mention, this is the sort of investment that reflects strongly on your business and how your customers and employees perceive you.

These trials can be applied to domestic surroundings and shop refurbishments alike – see your sofa sparkle again and shop fronts gleam without the cost of a full respray or a trip to the furniture shop.

Jet encourages sustainable work and discourages overconsumption. In other words: to refurbish rather than replace. This, in turn, reduces landfill and we feel we all need to do our bit. So much so, our Director Frank regularly updates us on his low vehicle emissions from his hybrid car…!

Call or email us at Jet Group on 01932 26 77 77 or info@jetcleaninggroup.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.

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