Ceiling Restoration, Jet Style, using ProCoat products

By day, Jet Office Manager, but by night I revisited my old stomping ground to witness first hand, a Jet team of Operatives spraying the ceiling at a well known highstreet beauty and health retailer. It would have been rude not to.

The ceiling really did need a bit of TLC to say the least and I was looking forward to seeing the Jet Difference. It was strange to think how many shoppers had passed under these tiles which had, over time, trapped dirt, dust, odours and other pollutants. Not only did it look bad, but unsanitary (and the irony wasn’t lost on me – being in a health and beauty store) not to mention being depressing for employees to work under!

You can see from my snaps that most of the evening is spent preparing and masking the area before spraying commences, late at night whilst shoppers sleep, so as not to disrupt the working week. Even the lights are removed.

When I revisited the following day, wow, what a difference. A cost effective and environmentally friendly way to revamp existing ceiling tiles. Amazing job, team!

Jet’s Ceiling Restoration can make old ceilings look new again without being painted or replaced. We have eco-friendly products and knowledge and skills to solve this problem. Restoring your ceilings brightens your facilities, extends the lifetime of your ceiling system, while at the same time disinfecting and deodorising your ceiling. This is the sort of investment that reflects strongly on the business and how your customers perceive you.

We are the authorised UK distributor for ProCoat - the World’s leading manufacturer and developer of ceiling restoration and cleaning processes.

In locations throughout the world where ProCoat’s products are distributed, over 220 million square feet of ceilings have been restored. The market is so vast that despite this, the proverbial surface has hardly been scratched. In the UK, Ceiling Bright Ltd is part of the Jet Group of companies, which was founded in 1971 as a specialist cleaner of carpets and soft furnishings. During this time we built a strong commercial and residential client base throughout the whole of the UK.

Read more here, including an article from ProCoat Chairman, Ken Woolf: http://jetcleaninggroup.co.uk/ceiling

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